answer: league park
Frostville museum
In June of 1815, David Stearns of Vermont became the first permanent white settler in what is today North Olmsted. The site of his farm is marked with a plaque on the north side of Lorain Road, just west of Stearns Road. Two years later, Thomas and Abiah Briggs arrived with their six children from Guilford, Vermont. They settled on land east of the Stearns homestead. Thomas Briggs served with David Stearns and Postmaster Elias Frost as an officer in Lenox Township which became Olmsted Township in 1830.
Oberlin college
A Presbyterian minister and a missionary founded Oberlin in 1833. The duo, the Rev. John J. Shipherd and Philo P. Stewart, became friends while spending the summer of 1832 together in nearby Elyria. They discovered a mutual disenchantment with what they saw as the lack of strong Christian principles among the settlers of the American West. They decided to establish a college and a colony based on their religious beliefs, "where they would train teachers and other Christian leaders for the boundless most desolate fields in the West."
little red school house
oberlins oldest building, only one known to survive from the colonys first decade also the most mobile.
Bardwell house
in 1858 black and white oberlinians rescued slave john price from slave catchers. also slaves could stay here for a week or more to rest and did not have to hide.
Allen memorial art musuem
recongized as one of the 5 best college and university art museums in the u.s. housed in a itlain renaissance style bulding designed by cass gilbert and named after dr.dudley peter allen, a graduate from oberlin college
Clague house
one of the largest manx libraries in the country.
west side market
donated the tract of land to Ohio citys's government, stipulating that the land be used for an open-air neighborhood market. The market space became a center of the Ohio City community for the following three decades, and other benefactors donated adjacent lands that allowed the marketplace to expand. In 1868, a one-story, wooden framed building was erected on the site, and the newly christened pearl street market was opened.